Hello and thank you for visiting my new site! Creating this platform has been years in the making and I wanted to express my love of faith, family, and wellness while inspiring women of color to also reach their career goals and juggle personal development without compromising either one.

By day, I am a public health leader with a specialty in strategy, policy, and engagement.

Like so many rising bloggers, I started writing when I needed a creative outlet — for me, it was a way to share stories about my life as a mom to two small children while moving up the professional ladder.

It takes hard work but with love and perseverance I have created a healthy balance and you can as well.

Pamela L. Barnes (the site) aims to be your go-to source to help you navigate the world of parenting while exploring life beyond work and home. This will be a supportive community. So, grab a seat, take some notes and dig in.