Back to School: Tips for a Free Education

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Learning on a Shoestring Budget.

These days it can seem like a luxury to receive tuition free or fully reimbursable courses or training. Yet, we are constantly told to learn new skills, take continuing education courses, or consider going back to school. All of this in attempt to get that elusive professional edge on the job.

Luckily, I have discovered a few options for learning that do not break the bank:

  1. Become self-taught
  2. Learn on the job
  3. Take advantage of freebies


There are ‘how to’ books on virtually every topic, from computer coding to event planning. With a library card in hand, you can delve into endless possibilities. If you are looking for something more interactive, search online for YouTube videos, free university courses, slide share sites, or other websites that offer learning options.

On the Job Training

Does your employer offer an in-house job rotation or detail opportunity? Such, occasions allow you to work in another job category, for a specified period of a time. Working in another position allows you to learn on the job and showcase your abilities to those around you. Additionally, it can even help you apply for the next in-house job position/promotion because you have ideally worked in the position you now seek to assume.

Freebie advantage

A good number of professional organizations offer members and sometimes non-members continuing learning opportunities. A quick glance at their website can reveal any number of free seminars, webcasts, conferences, and even certification programs that are waiting for enrollment.


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