Living the Blessed Life: Balancing It All

Balancing family and career responsibilities can often feel like a juggling act.
School projects, business trips, annual job performance reviews, and recitals quickly fill up my calendar.  Mix-in a teething infant and a looming induction into the “sandwich generation,” and you’ve got yourself a variety show complete with musical performances, sketch comedy, and acrobatics. On a good day, I can get through my ‘routine’ without any malfunctions and if I’m lucky a few minutes alone with a nice cup of tea.

Flexibility and creativity are key to survival.
Thinking out of the box – Is more than just a catchy phrase. Its’ a necessity. And, just when you feel like you’ve mastered your craft. Or, at the very least you’ve gotten into a good life rhythm.  Boom! The mole hill becomes an actual mountain. Life happens fast, even on a ‘slow’ day. I’ve learned that prayer, patience, and perseverance are critical to overcoming life’s challenges.

Living the blessed life isn’t always easy but it’s worth it!


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