Power Down to Power Up

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The Necessity of Unplugging.

Back in olden days, after a certain time at night all the television cable stations would ceremoniously end programming for the evening. The National Anthem would play backdrop to an American flag waving in the air and after the music ended, the transmitter would shut down and the T.V. would go static. Programming resumed in the morning. I slightly remember this performance. It was virtually impossible to stay up all night watching television.

I remember when I brought my first-born child home from the hospital. She had colic and cried virtually every night for the first few months from 7pm – 11pm. I was exhausted! While attempting to rock her to sleep, I put head phones on and watched “West Wing” on Netflix and simultaneously researched colic. I consulted numerous mommy blogs, medical websites, and e-books. It didn’t stop there.  In the dim blue light, I also consulted several sources for the appropriate developmental milestones of a baby’s first year. I was sleep deprived and overloaded with information. I very quickly reached my max.

Equipped with a compilation of Mozart music for babies and a sheer will to sleep. I turned off all my devices, except my phone which was softly playing music, and rocked my crying child until she eventually fell asleep. I can’t say for certain that the music helped my daughter fall asleep faster.  She still cried. But, the soft classical melodies and absence of multiple stimuli helped me relax.

Since then, I have discovered the power of rest. Rest from devices. Rest from endless streams of information. By powering down all the stimuli, I find that I gain more energy and liveliness. Resting is not always about sleep. Sometimes we need to give our mind/brain a break. If even for a short period of time.  

Have you ever felt like the energizer bunny? Always on. There is freedom in unplugging.

Pamela L. Barnes

February 27, 2019

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2 thoughts on “Power Down to Power Up

  1. Agree the cons of technology override the pros when we forget the proper balance of its use. In a productivity driven society, sleep/rest are often avoided as robbers of time. Yet excess use of electronic devices often are the true distractors and robbers of time. Rest is a gift from God (Hebrews 4:9) and I have learned to not just accept but relish and protect it. I may be one of the few dinosaurs left ,but to ensure a good night’s rest, I turn off all devices and lights. I trust God to watch over any situation during the night, and I will be able to deal with it in the morning with a rested body and mind (Psalms 4:8)

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